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    About XML Sitemap Generator

    Free Online Tools for SEO: Creating an XML Sitemap in 3 Simple Steps with a Google Sitemap Generator

    A sitemap is a very helpful tool for search engine optimization. It helps webmasters to increase page rank on their websites. Although there has been no proof to this claim, Google already confessed that such mechanism might benefit web pages.

    There are actually two (2) types of sitemaps. Each has different functions on the website but both are very helpful for online visibility. An XML sitemap is written for search engine crawlers while HTML site is written for human beings.

    Extensible Markup Language or XML sitemap is a file on your website's directory, which contains a list of pages on your websites. It allows these web crawlers called spiders to quickly and easily find information on your site. Many websites will benefit from this content management tool.

    How to create an XML sitemap? It's quite complicated. You will need some technical knowledge in web design. You might even want to hire a programmer to make one for your site. However, it may not be necessary. You can easily find a free online XML sitemap generator to work with. I recommend you to try this one from SEO Tool Ranker. It's very easy to use. Just follow the three simple steps below.

    1. Click on the link to go the SEO Tool Ranker Site: http://seotoolranker.com/xml-sitemap-generator and fill up the form with your website's information.

    2. Click on ‘Generate Sitemap' and download the XML file to save into your computer. You will need to upload this file into your website domain root folder.

    3. Finally, go to Google and open your Webmasters Tool and add your sitemap URL.

    Why is sitemap important? First of all, HTML sitemap makes your website easily readable. This type of sitemap functions like a table-of-contents page for your website. As for XML sitemap, here’s an interesting metaphor to demonstrate its significance.

    Your website is like a house and the pages are different rooms in it. XML is like the blueprint of the entire building and Google is like the home inspector or engineer. Sitemap is useful for increasing your page rank on the Google search engine.

    Google is indeed the God of SEO and it has raised its standard in providing high-quality content. There are several content providers out there. You need to get ahead of the crowd in catching Google's attention. Fortunately, there is a free Google sitemap generator readily available to help you with this endeavor.

    Free Online XML Sitemap Generator | Google Sitemap Generator

    • Here is SeoToolRanker XML sitemap generator. This tool will generate an XML sitemap for your website, which will make it easier for search engines to index your website. To use this SEO tool, to create a sitemap for your website you need to enter the URL of your site starting with http:// and select your favored options than click on 'Generate Sitemap' and within a few seconds, you will be redirected to the newly generated XML sitemap download the sitemap by clicking the 'Save as XML file' button and upload it to the domain root folder of your website and finally open your Google Webmasters Tool dashboard and add your sitemap URL.XML sitemap generator is such a useful SEO tool and it’s easy to use as well