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    About www Redirect Checker

    Check it, Click it, Know it!

    Most people fond of researching using different websites in the internet. Little do they know that some of the websites that they are using and visiting may not truly help them because of the following reasons:

    1. Unreliable sources of information (because anyone can edit what’s inside the website);

    2. Full of advertisements that distracts and disrupts us from our main goal;

    3. Copied and pasted information without proper citations that can make work and research plagiarized, and lastly;

    4. The website is not user-friendly because it keeps on redirecting you to other sites which makes us more irritated and out of focus.

    With all of these reasons in mind, you are lucky enough to have seotoolranker.com for creating www.RedirectChecker 301 and Redirect http Header Check which aims to check if you have set-up a search engine which is user friendly. It also helps you see the complete path where a redirected URL will end. What a relief from all those sites which keeps you from clicking, only to find out that they are just advertising!

    In the same way, if you are the one creating redirects on your website, this tool can help you not to lose a lot of valuable search engine traffic because of the lack of configuration of the redirects created. Thus, it is necessary that if a search engine chased your site, it should be able to follow the redirects that you have set up.

    For example, you created a website named www.bettys.com and you created a redirect called www.bettys/gallery.com which should send your readers and visitors to your gallery. However, if the search engine cannot follow the redirect link because of set-up problems, it may think that the redirect is empty or has no contents at all. Thus, it may show, “No Contents Found” or “Not Available”. This is where the redirect tool created by seotoolranker.com will come in handy.
    This tool is truly easy to use, just click and copy the complete URL which is found at the header of a webpage, then simply paste it on the Redirect Checker and click SUBMIT. Voila! You’re done and now you will know if the website is user-friendly and worth clicking even if you are not an IT expert or an http-guru.

    www Redirect Checker | 301 Redirect and http Header Check

    Here is our www Redirect Checker tool with the help of this tool, you can instantly determine whether you have set up a Search Engine friendly redirect or not. Many of us can lose out important search engine traffic due to incorrect configuration of redirects, so it's necessary that we pay attention to this matter. You can easily use this tool by following two simple steps

    First of all enter complete website URL to check if a redirect link is Search Engine Friendly 

    And then Click "Submit" button and that’s it all done. So in this way you can use www Redirect Checker tool by SEO Tools Ranker to check if the redirect is Search Engine Friendly or not