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    About Word Counter

    Free Easy-to-use Simple Word Counter and Character Counter for Document Typing Needs

    Have you ever had to type out a document and needed to reach an exact word count of 500 but not exactly sure how many words you have already typed? Or, do you want to find out how many characters are there in a word like 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' or 'Mississippi' but find it too troublesome to count one by one? SeoToolRanker has the right tool for you!

    SeoToolRanker offers a simple word counter and character counter tool that could help in documentation. There are only three steps involved in using this tool. First, you type your document directly or simply copy and paste your chosen article inside the designated box. Second, simply click the ‘Count Words’ button underneath the box. Lastly, just wait for a few seconds and the total number of words and characters in the document will be shown in the Results box below the button. It’s as quick and simple as that.

    Another wonderful feature of this word counter and character counter is that you can find out the exact word count and character count of articles in different languages. Oh, the article is in French? No problem. Do you need to find out the number of characters in this Japanese poem? Got it. Need to know how many words there are in that review you made in Spanish? Sure thing. The expert staff that created this tool made sure that it can be used not just for English, but also German, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali and other languages. If the article you are checking happens to be in another language, you can still use SeoToolRanker's Word Counter Tool.

    And best of all, using the Word Counter and Character Counter tool is completely free! You can use it several times without needing to pay for anything. This is a quick comprehensive tool that could count the total number of words and characters there is in an article that can be written in any language, and all of those features are for free.

    So, if you ever need to use a keyword counter and character counter tool, look no further than SeoToolRanker's Word Counter and Character Counter. It's quick, easy to use, can be used with articles of different languages, and completely free. If you want to check it out, just simply go to http://seotoolranker.com/word-counter and type away!

    Simple Word Counter | Character Counter and Keyword Counter

    Here is word Counter tool which is free word and character counter. Just copy and paste your written article into the box and press enter. In less than a second, our Word counter tool will display the results in a chart form, telling you the exact word count and characters. This Word Counter by SeoToolRanker is wonderful because you can check word count of an article written in any other language. Our expert staff has made this tool to work with any language. Whether your content is in English, German, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, or any other language, this tool can provide the exact word and characters count in less than second!