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    About Whois Checker

    Check Domain Owner Information In Less Than A Minute With This Easy-To-Use Tool

    If you're looking to buy a particular domain or website, you might have gone around looking for the owner's contact information. If they don't have a contact page, or any other way for you to reach them, then you can use our simple but powerful Online Whois Checker.

    With this tool, you can check all of the WHOIS data of a certain website. These data can be Registry Domain ID, Registrar WHOIS Server, Date of Site Creation, Registry Expiry Date, contact email and phone number, administrator name, and more.

    To use our Online Whois Checker, type or paste the URL and hit enter. The results will be displayed immediately. If for some reason there is no Whois data displayed in the search result, chances are the domain name registration has expired. To check domain owner is easier and faster now!

    What is WHOIS?

    WHOIS is a protocol used to by the Internet to query databases and store data of every existing and active website. Whois data is one of the most valuable information in the internet. It is publicly available, although some site owners can opt in for Whois private registrations when applying for a new domain. This will show the registrar's contact information instead of the owner's. This way, you can still reach out to the owner (via their registrar) without revealing private information such as their home address.

    Whois information is made public for a number of reasons:

    • To make sure that the security of the Internet is not compromised, registrars must provide working contact information for network operators and internet service providers to use in case of incidents.

    • To contact owners regarding technical problems and ownership issues, such as when the owners are looking to sell their domains and a buyer wants to make an offer.

    • To support creators on their campaign against copyright infringement by tracking down people who are profiting from their content.

    • To help law enforcement agents locate spammers and cyber criminals, especially those who are perpetuating hate crimes and terrorism, and shut their online operation down.

    If the domain you wanted has expired, you can contact the registrar directly and place in an offer to buy it. Registrars usually auction these domains, but if no one bids for them, they get dropped and become available for registration afterwards.

    Online Whois Checker | Check Domain Owner

    Here is our Online Whois Checker Tool. This provides complete whois data of a site like Registrar WHOIS Server, Domain ID ,Website's creation and updated date, Registrant city and phone number, admin name, , admin phone number ,admin country and so on.

    Our team of professionals has created Whois Checker Tool with a proper database so that it generates exact reports of any website. To check the whois, to use this tool just enter the complete website URL, and our tool will fetch the details about the Admin and Registrar just in matter of few seconds.

    It is the best and fastest tools available on the web.