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    About What is my Browser

    What is My Browser Tool Benefits All: A Must-Try for Netizens, Developers, and Marketers

    What is my browser is an online tool used to retrieve basic browser information for web users. It automatically scans and shows your online details such as the following:

    1. Browser Information – It includes the application that you are using and its version.

    2. Operating System – The two major Operating Systems for PCs are Windows and Macintosh, while for Mobile Phones, Android or iOS are the generally used.

    3. User Agent String or UAS – The Agent User string is the software agent that acts on behalf of the user. In web browsing, it affects the way websites and web pages are seen in a particular device.

    Its Purpose

    What is My Browser Tool collects all these data from your client (your computer and your browser). These information serves different purposes for different users. Some of which are the following:

    • Browsing Privacy level – Through this tool, you will become aware of the details your browser is sharing to other users. All these information makes your identity and personal information at risk. For example, hackers can use your IP address to know your device and to send malicious files that could retrieve all your private data. It is important for you to identify and control your browsing privacy and What is my Browser will help you take the first step in doing so.

    • Utilization for SEO purposes – The first thing that you need to do in applying SEO is to identify your User Agent String. UAS will tell you how your website will be shown on different browsers. Developers can use this information to program a website that is easy enough for users to navigate, regardless of the platform used. The tool also offers other basic information that can be used for online marketing and digital targeting.

    • Personal Information Security – Information (such as those stored in cookies and other site data) is also at risk of being hacked. Other than sending malicious files, hackers can also use your IP address to track your browsing history and access your low level accounts.

    Overall, you can use What is My Browser in getting a basic piece of information and for testing your privacy level. It is an essential tool that you can use anytime, anywhere – free of charge, of course.


    About the What is my Browser tool!

    Here is seotoolRanker provides what is my browser tool with the help of which you can get your complete browser details with a single click only within a few seconds. Find out your browser's name, version, User Agent and your OS.this amazing tool is very useful to all webmasters with the help of which they can easily find the complete browser detail thus can save their precious time and spent that time in other SEO Activities