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    About Website Screenshot Generator

    Capture full-page website screenshots using the website screenshot generator

    Screenshots provide a great way for keeping a record of a website or easily sharing an interesting website with friends and colleagues. It’s an indispensable tool for many. By taking screenshots, website developers, designers, or maintainers can keep track of their work, verify content, and share accomplishments. Collaborations are thus made easy and efficient. Screenshots are useful in documenting online content that needs to be recalled at a later time. It also helps speed up communication by providing an image of the website instead of just visiting its URL.

    Capturing full-page screenshots of web pages used to require elaborate or tedious steps, such as pressing that elusive “print screen” button and opening an image processor. Another similar approach is downloading the web page, which may not display properly once you open the local file. The HTML file also comes with a folder and other associated elements that get downloaded into your device, which means more attachments when sharing or more files for archiving. Saving the web page as a PDF can also be a mess. Furthermore, many of these approaches are difficult to integrate into one’s workflow or daily activities.

    The website screenshot generator provides a great solution for anyone’s screen capturing needs. This tool is simple, practical, and reliable in providing a full page snapshot image of any public web page as it appears on the browser. The generator works for various devices and creates a screenshot of the requested web page that can be downloaded into a format that can be easily viewed and shared.

    This free online tool is fast and easy to use. Anyone can get a full page screen shot of any public website with just a few clicks. No need to download or install any software or browser extension on your device. No need to set up an account. No need to register an email. Simply enter the URL of the website in the box and click “Submit.” Within seconds, the full page screen capture tool will then create a full snapshot of the requested web page. Click on “Save the Screenshot” to save the image. The screenshot of the requested web page is then downloaded to your device as a JPG file. Alternatively, one can click on “Try New URL” to enter another URL and get its screenshot.

    Website Screenshot Generator | Full Page Screen Capture

    A screen shoot is the picture of the screen what you are watching on the screen, screen shots are sometime very useful for later research or other use of that captured sceen. Here is Website Screenshot Generator, Simply type in the complete URL of any website in the box and press Enter. Our tool will briskly take a screenshot of the live website and display it to the user. To download the screenshot, press the "Download Screenshot" button. This tool is very useful for webmasters with the help of this tool they can have a complete research of other websites by having the screenshots of those websites.