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    About Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

    Resolution Simulator: An effective Screen Resolution Test and Responsive Web Design Tester

    An important factor to consider when designing and maintaining a website is its Screen Resolution. This is the width and height dimensions of a specific visual display. A responsive website design should visibly appear precise on the different platforms it is displayed, regardless size and device specifications.

    Visitors use various types of devices when browsing the web. Some use small devices like their mobile phones or other android devices, while others use big-screened monitors whose dimensions range from 8 inches to 82 inches (sometimes even larger). It is undoubtedly hard to browse the web if the pages do not fit accurately on the screen. Website owners or developers are advised to look into their site’s aesthetic appearance so they can rectify immediately should there be irregularities. Ensuring site responsiveness can add up to the viewer’s optimal experience, thus increasing the chances of repeat organic traffic and better search ranking.

    Not all websites, though, opt to go responsive. Nonetheless, it is still paramount to run a Screen Resolution Test. This can be done by either manually inspecting the website on the different devices, by coding or by simply using a tool designed to view a website on different resolutions. A Responsive Web Design Tester can be brought into play for this.

    The Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator by SEOToolRanker is a highly developed tool that can give users a preview of any website on a particular screen display. The interface is very user-friendly. You simply have to type the desired URL in the allocated tab. Next is to choose the resolution you wish to test. The tool’s got 8 different screen resolution options to choose from:

    1. 160 x 160 pixels (small display format, used for some mobile devices)

    2. 320x320 pixels

    3. 640x480 Pixels (used for 14 inch monitors)

    4. 800x600 Pixels (used for 14-15 inch monitors)

    5. 1024x768 Pixels (used for 15-17 inch monitors)

    6. 1366x768 Pixels (usual resolution for LCD TVs)

    7. 1152x864 Pixels (used for 15-17 inch monitors)

    8. 1600x1200 Pixels (for displays 21 inches and up)

    After selecting your desired option, wait for few seconds and the tool will give you a preview of the website scaled according to the chosen resolution. It is best if you try all the screen display options to ensure accuracy across the board.

    Resolution Simulator | Screen Resolution Test and Responsive Web Design Tester

    Here is Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator an advanced tool developed by SEOToolRanker.By using this tool, you can check your website's look at different screen resolutions. To use this tool just enter the complete URL of your website and select the screen resolution that you want to view your site. 

    Select any screen resolution from these following given options: 

    1.160 X 160 pixels

    2.320 X 320 pixels

    3.640x480 Pixels

    4.800x600 Pixels

    5.1024x768 Pixels

    6.1366x768 Pixels

    7.1152x864 Pixels

    8.1600x1200 Pixels

    This Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator would be very helpful for website owners to view their websites at various sizes and make some amendments to their website so that it looks beautiful from every angle!