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    About URL Rewriting Tool

    Improve Your Website’s Ranking with SEOToolRanker.com’s URL Rewriting Tool

    Getting your website ranked in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is no easy feat. It takes months to get your website ranked some pages up, let alone reach Google’s first page. Unfortunately, most upstarts don’t even survive the competition, getting buried in the pile of websites competing for a better PageRank.

    However, that doesn’t mean your website will suffer the same fate these upstarts have suffered. With the right tools, you can work on improving your ranking in the SERPs, and one of them is by using SEO Tool Checker.com’s URL Rewriting Tool.

    What is URL Rewriting Tool?

    URL Rewriting Tool is an automated engine developed by a team of experts at SEO Tool Checker.com. It is a wordpress permalink generator that turns long and dynamic URLs into short and static ones. This free rewriting tool provides both single type and directory type URLs for the users.

    How URL Rewriting Improves Searches?

    Long and dynamic URLs can prove disadvantageous for your Google PageRank. For instance, these links can be hard to remember and are basically impossible to type in the address bar. They also have lower click-through rate in the SERPs.

    Rewriting these URLs into short and static ones can help improve your website’s searches and ranking in the following ways.

    • They are easier to remember which also helps improve brand awareness.

    • They have higher click-through rates in the SERPs than long and dynamic URLs.

    • They can include good anchor texts that provide information on what the users are going to see when they visit the page.

    • They can be keyword-optimized for better search results.

    • They are easily shareable in social media.

    Aside from the SERPs advantages above, a custom permalink that is short and static is also easily shareable in business cards and in print campaigns.

    How to Use URL Rewriting Tool?

    Turning long dynamic URLs into shorter ones is easy with SEO Tool Checker.com’s free rewriting tool. All you need to do is paste the URL into the box and press Enter. The tool instantly generates shorter and static links in a single click, providing both single type and directory type URLs for you.

    Improving your website’s PageRank should never be a problem with handy tools like SEO Tool Checker.com’s URL Rewriting Tool. It’s free and easy to use, the best way to turn that long and dynamic links into short and static URLs.

    URL Rewriting Tool | Custom Permalink and Wordpress Permalink Generator

    Now you can turn your long dynamic URL into a shorter one with SEOToolRanker's free URL Rewriting Tool. Our tool generates static URLs with just a single click only. Simply paste the URL into the box and press Enter this tool work same like our article rewriter tool , our URL rewriter will instantly generates a shorter and static one.

    Followings are the advantages of rewriting URL

    Static URLs are easier to remember for end users

    They are much easier to bookmark

    They perform better in search engines and may improve search positions of your site