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    About URL Encoder / Decoder

    The Best Online URL Encoder / Decoder Tool for String Encoding and Html Encode, and String Decoding and Html Decode

    SEOtoolRanker has provided their users with the best online URL encoder / decoder tool. This online URL encode and decode tool offers string encoding, and Html encode, and string decoding and Html decode service. Use this efficient tool to convert each character strings and each byte that you want.

    What is URL encoding and decoding?

    URL encoding is the process of encoding characters from a URL. The original characters are replaced by one or more than one character triplets that are made up of percent character and two hexadecimal numerals. The two hexadecimal numbers of the character triplet or triplets represent its numeric value.

    The terms URL decoding and URL encoding is not limited to Uniform Resource Locator (URLs) encoding/decoding alone, but also to Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs), and Uniform Resource Names (URNs) encoding/decoding as well. Therefore, URL encoding/decoding relates to the mechanism called percent-encoding.

    The Significance of SEOtoolranker’s URL Encoder/Decoder Online Tool

    The URL Encoder/Decoder tool of SEOtoolranker converts and sends the data that are encoded into HTML formats by using specific methods or other means. The form values and field names are entered and sent to a program or computer that administer access to a service in a network, or to a centralized resource. The tool forwards the data to a server in the form of an HTTP request message. The message is sent by using methods like POST or GET.

    SEOtoolranker’s URL encoder/decoder online tool uses standard encoding and decoding implementations in converting bytes and character strings. It converts the data into byte sequences by using UTF-8 encoding. There are two types of characters permitted in URI either unreserved or reserved. The so called reserved ones are characters that often have special meaning while the unreserved are the characters that cannot possess special meaning. Using SEOtoolranker’s URL encoder/decoder tool, the disallowed characters will be represented by allowed characters.

    URL characters must be held from a characterized set of reserved and unreserved ASCII characters as stated in RFC 3986. SEOtoolranker’s URL encoding and decoding tool surpassed the limitations set in RFC 3986 for it utilizes certain techniques that can permit unallowed characters to be converted into sequence of bytes. Therefore, answering the demand to managing URL encoded or URL percent-encoded format.

    Online URL Encoder / Decoder | String Encoding and Html Encode | String Decoding and Html Decode

    If you need to manage URL encoded which is also called Percent-encoded format? SEOToolRanker has created a wonderful URL Encoder/Decoder tool for you! Use this user friendly tool to decode or encode your information. 

    Well how this tool works? Very simple this tool encodes or decodes a string utilizing URL Encoding. URL Encoding is used while setting content as a part of an inquiry string to avoid it being confused with the URL itself. It is regularly utilized when the browser sends form data to a web server.