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    Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

    About Robots.txt Generator

    Generate Robots txt Free and Easy with a Robots.txt Generator

    Unless you are a web developer, the term robots.txt would probably sound alien to you.

    Robots.txt used to be the exclusive domain of web developers and designers but not anymore. Just like web page generators, you can now use a robots.txt generator to generate robots txt free, easy, and instantly.

    What is robots.txt?

    Robots.txt are simply text files containing directives on how search engine bots should search each page of a website.

    To illustrate further, imagine yourself wanting to conduct an online research. Using a search engine, you may want to find out everything you can about “robots.txt.”

    You typed the word “robots.txt” on the browser. The browser, using a search engine bot or robot will search every page of every website to access and index its content and present it to you in a list.

    The web bots will not make any exception and extract every single information including sensitive information in every web page unless the website uses a robots.txt file.

    The text file of a robots.txt contains instructions that would direct web bots how to search and what pages to search. The text file contains exceptions whether bots can search or not search parts of a website.

    Why use robots.txt

    Using robots.txt is not mandatory. It is your decision whether to use robots.txt or not, however, make sure that all sensitive information in your website are password protected.

    In certain instances, the use of robots.txt can be beneficial.

    • Use of search-delay or crawl-delay. This is a command syntax in robots.txt that specifies the waiting time for a search bot before it starts loading or searching the website. The crawl-delay keeps your server from overloading especially during peak hours.

    • Use of robots.txt can keep certain areas of your website private and inaccessible. Most often, robots.txt files are the first thing hackers check to find out if there are links that they can use to hack your website.

    • Robots.txt syntax can prevent search bots from indexing files you do not want to be indexed.

    • Robots.txt can keep select search results from being visible in public search engine results pages

    The use of robots.txt is optional and a decision made by the website owner. You can choose to generate the robots.txt manually or via a Robots.txt Generator. There are a lot of websites like SEO Tool Ranker’s that allows you to Generate Robots txt free from their site.

    If you have robots.txt on your website, make sure that you place your robots.txt file in the main directory of your site.If the bots do not find it there, it will treat your site as if there are no robots.txt present and will search the pages without exclusion.

    About SeoToolRanker The Robots.txt Generator tool!

    Robots.txt Generator | Generate Robots txt Free

    Here is SeoToolRanker Robots.txt Generator Tool, this tool would surely prove very useful to webmasters in making their sites Googlebot friendly actually, what this free tool does is to produce the robot.txt file. 

    This tool is very easy to use and you have the option to select which things should be included within the robots.txt file and which will be removed.

    Webmasters can command any robots which records or files in your website's root index should be crawled crept by the Googlebot. You can even select which particular robot you need to have entry to your site's index and restrict different robots from doing likewise. You can also command that which robot should get access to files your site's root catalog and which robot should get access to another file.

    Robots.txt is a great tool for site owners, and it will make their lives much easier than before.