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    About Reverse IP Domain Checker

    Know Your IP Address "Neighbors" And Find Competitors’ Websites Using Reverse IP Domain Checker

    Are you a site owner using shared hosting? Are you experiencing a drop in your rankings and site performance, but can’t pinpoint why?

    Websites using shared hosting have one IP Address. This is generally a good option for starting site owners, but some problems could arise from this.

    For an IP address hosting more than 10 websites, consuming space and bandwidth will be a big battle. This leads to slower site loading and higher bounce rate.

    For websites sharing a server with another site flagged for spam, this affects your SEO. Rankings will decline as search engines mark the IP for spam, even if your site is clean.

    This is also true for websites with adult material and malware. Security problems can and will leak to your own site, which may affect your up time. This is especially dangerous for sites with shopping carts.

    However, using shared hosting isn’t so bad. Since it’s designed to hold several sites and cater to different owners, they provide user friendly control panels. No programming knowledge is required to run one. The host provider handles all the problems so you don’t have to worry about solving technical issues yourself. And above all, it’s cheap and has various features bundled up with it.

    For those who are running a resource-hungry site or don’t want to risk their rankings, a dedicated server is the way to go. But for site owners on a budget, a dedicated server is seen as a luxury and not a necessity. Which is why, using a reverse IP lookup is a good way of checking the integrity of the server without spending a dime. It's also a nifty tool to help you find competitors website, in case you're both hosted on the same IP address.

    A reverse IP domain checker checks the websites hosted in the same IP address as your site. To use this tool, type or paste your URL at the box and click submit. It will fetch all sites sharing the same IP address and list them down. Now you can check if and which of your "neighbors" are affecting your ranking.

    Maintaining your site's integrity shouldn't be on the bottom of your priority list. It's a good idea to use a reverse IP lookup every few months to see how your server is doing. In case you see your analytics going down, hit up the reverse IP domain checker.

    Reverse IP Domain Checker | Find Competitors Website with Reverse Ip Lookup

    Here is Reverse IP Domain Check which is an excellent tool, designed for those site owners who are using shared hosting services. The tool displays all other sites that share your IP address and review for any malicious content on them.

    To use this tool just type in the URL of your website and let our tool fetches all other sites that are sharing the IP address. In shared hosting services, a single IP is shared with a group of websites which are owned by different persons. If any malicious content has been reported on a single site which is using the same IP address that your website is also using, then it can decrease your rankings. So it's important for webmasters to use our Reverse IP Domain Checker tool to see if there's any problem.