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    About Plagiarism Checker

    Acing Your Homework Essay Using a Plagiarism Checker: A Free Plagiarism Checker for Students

    Plagiarism is the act of claiming someone else’s language or ideas as your own original work. It is a form of fraud. In fact, plagiarism is an academic fraud. Although the concept of plagiarism and copyright infringement may overlap to some level, only copyright infringement is punishable under the copyright law. Plagiarism is an act against journalistic ethics, and is considered as an academic dishonesty. Therefore, it is not punishable by law, but by institutions like publishing companies or academic institutions.

    To prevent the claims of plagiarism, a writer must be aware of actions that are considered as plagiaristic. The following are considered plagiarism:

    1. submitting someone else’s work and claiming them as your original work

    2. copying the words of someone else and not giving him credit for it

    3. not putting quotation marks on a quotation

    4. providing erroneous information about the origin of the quotation

    5. rewriting the words or ideas of someone else but copying the structure of the sentence without giving credit

    As aforementioned regarding actions that constitute plagiarism, it could be concluded that plagiarism can be avoided by citing sources. However, when our society entered the age of the internet, articles and works of someone else can be easily attained. It may also be difficult to trace the main origin of the idea and give proper credit. Moreover, with the easy access the World Wide Web provides on the many works and thoughts of others, duplicating it may be inevitable.

    So, how else can we avoid plagiarism?

    Together with the advancement in technology and the internet, plagiarism checkers can be easily accessed by everyone. Plagiarism checkers are tools that aid in the detection of a plagiaristic essay or report. Some tools are freely offered on the internet. These plagiarism checkers work by “pasting” or placing your essay inside the text box and clicking the “Check for Plagiarism” button. Once done, the tool will examine the essay’s sentence structure and thought compilation. The result will be calculated by the percentage of how unique the content is. It is in fact a tool everyone can easily operate and understand. Plagiarism checkers are perfect for researchers and students who are trying to ace their reports or essay homework. So, ward off unnecessary plagiarism troubles and start using plagiarism checkers now.

    100% Free Plagiarism Checker tool!

    Plagiarism Checker | Free Plagiarism Checker For Students

    If you are a person who earns money from internet by Rewriting Articles than you might need a tool which can help you to know that is your article is plagiarism free or not SeoToolRanker.com provides you with that tool by which you can check your article and the best thing about that tool is this that it will tell you about the sentence which is copied from other website so you need not to go through the whole article. Most of the other plagiarism checking tools don’t have gives you this facility to scan the only copied sentence from your article. This tool is useful for students and teachers as well.