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    About Page Speed Checker

    Use Site Speed Test Tools to Increase Online Followers and Conversion Rates

    Online users tend to leave a site if loading takes more than 3 seconds. 79% of those users never go back to a slow-loading site. Of the 79%, 44% of them tell their friends about the performance of the site. This results in lower conversion rates. Lower conversion rates mean lost sales and decrease in the number of followers.

    Lost sales and decrease in the number of followers are two of the negative effects of a website slow loading. Unfortunately, search engines use site speed as a factor in ranking. How is this so? More users come back to your site if it loads faster than other sites are. This means increased traffic on your site. An increased traffic means popularity and a well-managed site. Increased traffic results to a higher ranking in the search engines.

    Site speed is important. As the owner, you have the responsibility to improve your site’s speed. You can do this by using tools such as Google pagespeed insights checker, website speed checker or site speed test tool.

    How do these tools work?

    For example, you use Google pagespeed insights checker. This tool calculates the speed of a site and scores it from 0 to 100. First, the tool gets the URL from a mobile user and a desktop user. Using the common performance rules for a website, it categorizes your site. The categories are “good”, “needs work” and “poor”. The tool uses server configuration, use of images, CSS and HTML structure. These aspects are independent of network performance

    A “good” rating means your site is optimized for user experience. This means your site is loading fast, whether the platform is mobile or desktop. A rating of “needs work” means your site lacks some of the optimization rules set by the search engine, which in this case is Google. The rating result includes some recommendations. These recommendations are optional. You can apply them on your site or not. A poor rating means your site does not give good user experience. The recommendations given are mandatory for you to apply to enhance your site.

    Developers of site speed testing tools such as Google pagespeed insights checker ensure that your site improves in some ways. They enhance these tools on a regular basis to cater to different needs of website owners. Many of these tools are free and provide a comprehensive checking of your pages. Use them to enhance user experience and increase conversion rates.

    Page Speed Checker: Complete tool for running Website Performance and Speed Test

    Page speed is the real-time rate of how long a website page loads. The term differs mainly from website speed as pages are only a part of the entire website. Many factors affect the loading time of different pages. Pictures, links, and other substantial page elements are various influencers of the loading time. Sometimes, when photos or other links are too heavy in terms of bytes, it slows down the loading speed of a certain page.

    Google, a top search engine, disclosed that page speed is a very important element when they are ranking websites. The faster the loading time, the higher the website’s ranking goes. Needless to say, if the loading time is a bit sluggish, Google’s algorithm will rank the site lower. This is a key info that website owners need to understand if they are rooting to optimize their visibility online.

    Page speed is also parallel to website visitor’s experience. Longer loading time may result to a lower visitor’s average time on the page. Website owners would not really want that, won’t they?

    For website owners, especially those who are still on the early phases of developing their status online, information about their page performance is crucial. They need to know how to conduct a Website Speed Test to yield accurate data and analyze if their web pages are performing fittingly.

    SEOToolRanker has created this FREE page speed checker tool. It has a very user-friendly interface. To analyze a certain webpage, one has to simply encode the URL of the desired web page in the allotted tab. Upon hitting enter, SEOToolRanker will provide the main elements of the web page affecting its loading speed and the actual time it completely loaded.

    This page speed checker will yield result for the following categories: Time taken for the page to load, number of CSS links, number of Script links, number of image links and other resource links, if applicable.

    Anybody can run a Website Performance Test on this tool. It is so beneficial to anyone who wants to analyze a web page because apart from the count of elements (CSS, images and scripts), it also measures the actual loading time for each. Running a test on this tool will help analyze which element is causing the web page to load longer. This allows any user to conduct a website speed test and will only have to wait for a few seconds for the official results.


    If you are looking for a top of the line page speed checker, this tool is the most suitable you can find.

    Page Speed Checker | Website Performance Test and Website Speed Test

    Page speed is one of the most important Google's ranking factors. Every website owner must pay attention to their website's speed because nowadays websites which load very fast are making to the top positions in search engines. Page speed is very crucial to every website's survival in the online market.

    SEOToolRanker has created this free page speed checker tool which gives a complete A-Z report of the website's loading speed and also identifies which page or graphic takes how much time to load. To use this tool just enter the complete URL of your website in the box and our tool will crawl your whole web and tell you the overall page loading time just in few seconds