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    About Page Size Checker

    Page Size Checker: Another Useful Tool from Trusted Developer SEO Tool Ranker

    One of the many free SEO tools developed by tools provider SEO Tool Ranker is the Page Size Checker. As the name suggests, this tool can determine the web page size of a specific URL, information which can be used to improve a website’s performance.

    Many similar tools exist online, but SEO Tool Ranker’s version is fast, easy to use, and reliable. It’s also free despite being of premium quality and useful for those who want to improve their website.

    Why it’s important

    Web pages can provide lots of information in the form of graphics, images, videos, and other encoded features. However, more of this media content tends to make pages heavy and can cause them to load slowly.

    The problem with this is that internet users might not have the patience to wait for these web pages to open. Website traffic can decrease with impatient users not willing to wait.

    That’s why a website size checker is essential in finding out the size of a website. Reducing it will definitely result in higher user satisfaction, as they no longer have to wait long for pages to load.

    The average size of a small web page that can load quickly is estimated to be 13 KB. SEO Tool Ranker’s Page Size Checker, for example, is 18 KB. Google, which is a bigger page with more information encoded in it, is 46 KB. The more media there is on the page, the bigger the page is, and the slower it will load.

    A website’s performance is measured by the time it takes to open a web page, especially if the website has to accommodate traffic from many visitors. It will be easier to improve the performance of a website by knowing the size of individual web pages and keeping track of how much space is being used by each.

    Limiting the size of the web pages can maintain faster load time and keep the bounce rate low.

    How to use it

    All one has to do is enter the complete web page URL in the text box and then press the submit button. The tool will then provide a detailed report in less than a second, with the size expressed in both Bytes and Kilobytes (KB). After that, the information can be used to make amendments to the web page to make it smaller and faster to load.

    Page Size Checker | Web Page Size and Website Size Checker

    Now a day’s users love WebPages with quality information, videos, graphics and images. Due to these media contents, the web pages become heavy, and they don't load easily. 

    • SEO Tool Ranker has developed Page Size Checker Tool so that everyone can easily check the size of their web pages and make some amendments to reduce the size which will improve the page loading time. You can use this tool by entering the complete site URL and press the "Submit Button". Our tool will provide a detailed page size report in less than a second! This wonderful feature that we have added in our tool is that it will tell the size in both Kilobytes (KB) and Bytes.