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    About Page Authority Checker

    Checking Your Score Like a Pro: Using the Bulk Page Authority Checker

    With the rise of online activity, many people spend a lot more time on online activities — such as surfing the web, watching videos, buying products, and browsing through social media. Bloggers, marketers, and businesses alike make money online by generating unique and fresh content to entice prospective customers.

    The online world moves at a rapid pace, making it necessary to produce volumes of content on a regular basis; however, many internet marketers often fail to capitalize on their top-performing content since the pressure is quite high — there are too many SEO tools available, and trying to learn them all to analzye a site or blog’s statistics may take too much time to actually be useful. Good thing that there is a tool called the Bulk Page Authority Checker, which offers an easier way to measure the score of content in one go.

    Page authority is used as metric to compare individual web pages to see which ones have more impact than another. It is measured using a 100-point scale that is influenced by a multitude of factors. Page authority is a good model to use for analysis of performance, especially since most websites and blogs tend to have several pages worth of content in them. The Bulk PA Checker makes it easy to know the page authority of each webpage.

    All you have to do is to copy relevant links and paste them on the Bulk Page Authority Checker platform, and the results are generated almost instantly. There’s even an option to analyze pages of different web sites, which also makes it a useful tool to track page performance against direct competitors.

    Of course, simply knowing your score does not mean a lot if no effort is made to improve on it. Page authority improves depending on the uniqueness of the content on the site. The statistics and data that SEO tools provided should be taken into careful consideration when planning out for the next content. The results that are derived from these tools are merely constructive suggestions that indicate whether a site’s performance is still up to par. There’s a whole lot of SEO tools out there that can produce a similar kind of results, but only a few capture a good balance of simplicity and functionality in one package like the Bulk PA checker can.

    Bulk Page Authority Checker | Bulk PA Checker

    Here is SeoToolRanker Bulk Domain Page Authority Checker, with the help of which you can check the page authority of up to 20 sites at a time. To us this tool just enters the URL of a web page which you want to analyze (not top level domain). The tool will display the exact results of every URL entered, in a chart form.

    Following are some tips to improve page authority

    1. Always publish fresh and unique content on your site.

    2. Follow proper link building strategies

    3. Besides writing fresh and unique content for your users, make sure you use properly optimized images in your content