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    About Meta Tag Generator

    Easy Meta Tag Generator–access to Free Meta Tag Generator Tool

    If you use the web, then you have seen a meta tag.

    You might ask, what is a meta tag?

    Meta tags are the hidden words within your website. You cannot visibly see Meta tags on your web page but search engines can analyze them.

    The meta tags are the information that describes what your site is all about including your keywords.

    Meta tags are generated using HTML scripts or a Meta Tags SEO Generator.

    Basic elements of meta tags

    There are three basic things you need to have a good meta tag:

    • Meta Title. The title is the text that search engines search. It is important because it contains keywords that search engines use in their rank listings. The suggested number of characters of a meta title is 65 characters or more or less about nine to eleven words. You can find meta titles in the <head> of your coding.

    • Meta Description. A meta description is the summary of your website and what the site offers to people. The maximum recommended number of characters for a meta description is 150 characters.

    • Keywords are the searchable words that would attract your readers. These are the words that readers normally look for when searching the internet. Good keywords will help your website be at the top of the search list.

    Use of meta tags

    During the early stage of meta tags popularity, search engines use them in indexing web pages. Web page owners abuse the use of meta tags to increase their rankings.

    Because of this, Google decided to remove from their search algorithms the use of meta tags as a way to determine rank.

    However, meta tags help improve your click rate because this appears in search results.

    Using meta tag generator tool

    In the past, meta tags are created using HTML codes or scripts. If you want to create a website, you hire web designers to create your web pages. Web site developers include the meta data in writing the HTML scripts.

    Over the years, with the development of technology, web sites and web pages generators became available. These generators made the creation of web pages easy and instant even if you do not know HTML.

    There are blog sites like Wordpress that has included built in meta tags SEO generator so you can have easy access to meta tags.

    If you are not using blog sites with built in meta tag generator, you can use online easy meta tag generator like SEO Tool Ranker’s free meta tag generator tool.

    Free Meta Tag Generator tool! - Easy Meta Tag Generator | Meta Tags Seo Generator

    Traffic on your website is the most important thing you need to earn money. and there are different ways to increase traffic on your website like you need to have a meta tag in the HTML code of your website which helps the search engine to tell about the main topic of the page and those meta tags are necessary for websites these days now you can use a tool called meta tag generator which will help to create perfect meta tags for your website and that will be free on seotoolRanker.com If you have a proper meta tags it will give a great boost to your website search ranking.