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    About Link Price Calculator

    Free Online SEO Ranker Tool: The Importance of a Link Price Calculator in Link Building

    Link building is one of the key strategies in red hat search engine optimization. It is a good practice for SEO Professionals. Web owners use this technique in many of their online marketing campaigns.

    There are two types of SEO techniques. The first type is directly applied by webmasters on the pages of a website. This is called on-page. This involves customizing the elements of the website so that it enables Google to easily understand its contents.

    The other method is off-page. This is done outside the website’s pages. Content marketers look for external sites where they can create links to promote their own website. Social media is the most popular tool use for this purpose.

    Link building is an example of the off-page method. It is the process of creating links to a company's website to increase its rank in search engines, that will ensure traffic to the site. Content managers would scout for well-reputed sites to place these links and introduce their content.

    Link building is a form of advertising. Content marketers look for popular sites where they can advertise their content and drive traffic to their website by creating back links. On the other hand, popular website owners charge the advertisers for promoting their content on their pages. They could use a backlink price calculator to determine how much they would charge for every URL posted on their pages.

    There are plenty of online sources which provide free SEO tools such as this backlink price calculator. SEO Tool Ranker is one of these online sources. It is very easy to use. A total of 100 URLs at a time can be accommodated. With this tool, advertisers can get a good estimation of the price they need to pay for placing links on certain pages to advertise their content.

    Most bloggers also accept advertising on their blog pages. They would charge advertisers a certain amount for every ad placed on the blog. This is one of the ways that they can earn from their craft. Some, however, can be demanding and ask for an unfair amount. A free online link price calculator tool can help advertisers not to be conned by unscrupulous individuals.

    However, advertisers may also become canny about asking bloggers to promote their products or services for a lower fee. This is what makes the link price calculator helpful for all the players.

    Link Price Calculator | Backlink Price Calculator

    Here is SEOToolRanker's Link Price Calculator Tool. This tool is very useful to both site owners and advertisers. Just t enter the URL of the site in the box and you can get an accurate estimate that how much you should pay or charge for a particular link each month. 

    Our tool provides the link price, after properly viewing the website's ranking, age, and reputation. With this amazing feature that we have added to this free SEO tool you can check the link price of up to 100 URLs at a time.

    So use this Link Price Calculator and get an accurate price estimate.