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    About Link Analyzer

    Solutions to Link Analysis: Work Smarter with Free Link Analyzer Tool

    We all know that the internet is a vast source of interconnected websites and webpages. Wide varieties of contents such as texts, music, videos and other forms of media are constantly shared by linking one site to another that it becomes hard to track links that are actually being used in one site. For webmasters, professionals and amateurs alike, who constantly deal with website analysis, which include link analysis, the task is tedious and would definitely consume so much time and energy. It doubles the working time for them.

    Thankfully, seotoolranker.com has found a solution to this problem. Their developers have come up with a link analyzer tool that is not only accurate and effective, but best of all, it’s free!

    Through the free link analyzer tool, webmasters, or even non-webmasters, can now have access on the internal and external links found within a website they are browsing. Rather than having to manually look for, tally and click on the links, the tool will do it for you. It saves time and effort – truly a way to work smart!

    Not only does the free tool provide the number of sites linked within and outside of the particular website, but it also provides the site addresses, so one can have a more detailed appreciation. Moreover, the data supplied by the link analyzer is not only guaranteed to be accurate, but it is also well-organized, and presented in tabular form, so anyone will easily find and get the data they want to obtain, without wasting too much time.

    Using the free link analyzer tool is also very easy, and the interface of the tool is user friendly. Just enter the URL of the particular site whose links you need analyzed, then click the submit button. Afterwards, just sit back, relax, and wait for the page to reload, and viola! Your details are revealed in a few seconds. It’s really as easy as that. Now, you can make use of the time for manually tracking the links for something more productive and on things that would actually matter.

    The free link analyzer tool will truly help you work smarter, not harder and produce satisfactory results in a matter of seconds. It’s fast, efficient, reliable and most of all, free!

    Free Link Analyzer Tool | Link Analysis

    Here is Free Link Analyzer tool of SeoToolRanker.com which breaks down the outgoing and incoming links of any URL of a website. It provides complete detail on total internal links, external links, do follow links and no follow links found on a site. Just type the URL of your website and press Enter. Our tool will crawl the site, and give complete link report in a matter of few seconds. Link Analyzer Tool generates a detailed link analysis report in a table form so that you can quickly find the ratio between the internal and external links for any website. It is very useful for webmasters for researching other sites that are linking to their sites.