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    About Keyword Position Checker

    SEOToolRanker’s Keyword Position Checker Tool is here to end the hassles of analyzing search visibility

    Are you just fed up with trying to find a tool that allows you to search for your website’s keyword positions on search engines? Are you tired of looking for FREE keyword tools that actually work? Then, stop, take a deep breath and listen because we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to do any of those anymore.

    Those online marketers who are set in making their website increase in SEO rank by using keywords need not fret any more. Using SEOToolRanker’s Keyword Position Checker Tool, you can easily trace your website’s position in search engines for different keywords. This tool can search up to 50 pages of Google for the position of a specific keyword.


    What is SEOToolRanker’s Free Keyword Position Checker?

    SEOToolRanker’s free tool is perfect for people who maintain blogs, websites, or even online communities. This tool eliminates the stress of having to manually assess the keywords of your website in search engines like Google or Yahoo. All you have to do is provide some info (including the keywords) and then in one click, you’re ready to go.

    This keyword position checker tool not only allows you to check the position of your keywords, but it is also a Keyword Rank Checker and an SEO Rank checker Tool as well.


    How does it work?

    All you need to do to use the SEOToolRanker’s Keyword Position Checker Tool is key in the URL of your website or blog site’s main page (or sometimes call the home page) and the keywords you want to search for.

    In the Keyword Position Checker tool, there is an area labeled “Enter your domain name:” Here you type in the URL of your site’s main page.

    In another area labeled “Keywords”, you type in all the keywords you want to search for. Make sure to type them in separate lines like below.






    Then, in the area labeled “Check Positions up to:”, click the drop-down arrow at the rightmost part and select the number positions you want your website to be checked. You can choose anywhere from 50 to 500 positions.

    Once you’re done, simply click the find keyword position button and you’re all set. No need for all that extra hassle!

    Free Keyword Position Checker | Keyword Rank Checker and Seo Rank Checker

    Here is the SeoToolRanker Keyword Position Checker Tool. We have made this tool for online marketers like you, who want to trace the search positions of their websites for different keywords. Our tool can fetch up to fifty pages of Google to check the position of a keyword. To use this tool you just need to enter the URL of your site's homepage and then enter the keywords in the keyword box after that choose from how many positions you want your website to be checked this free tool can check up to 500 positions and finally click the find keyword position button and that’s it.

    Now you don't need to click through several pages of Google to find the search position of different pages. Our best tool will do all the work for you with a single click only.