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    About Email Privacy

    Keep a Good Reputation: Protect Your Website through an Email Privacy Checker

    One of the best strategies to promote your website is email marketing. Through email, clients can easily address any concern or inquiry regarding a specific product or service. Most website owners present email addresses explicitly on a webpage. Thus, SEO Tool Ranker developed something for protecting your privacy – and it’s called Email Privacy Checker.

    Email Privacy Checker provides a complete email security to your website. This tool locates all incoming and outgoing messages in your email folder. To use the Email Privacy Tool, you will be required to type your URL site. In just a second, this tool will determine whether your website contains your email address or not.

    Service providers like Yahoo or Google offer free email accounts. They generate income by selling advertising space or soliciting information for online sellers. If you are using a free email service, you can notice a number of ads appearing on your browser interface. You can also be alarmed by spam messages arriving in your inbox. Spamming is the practice of sending multiple unsolicited messages to a set of recipients for the purpose of online advertising. Thus, the use of Email Privacy Checker is recommended to hide your website email if you wish to.

    Due to the limited security of free email services, another option to acquire an email account is to subscribe for a domain name. Website owners prefer to use a domain email for better security and brand recognition. Clients want to ensure that they deal with a legitimate website; thus, investing in a domain email is necessary. On the contrary, maintaining a domain email does not guarantee a free-spam mailbox. The Email Privacy Tool can modify the settings of your domain email to filter unwanted messages from various senders.

    Aside from spamming, there are other forms of threat associated with email. Phishing is committed when cybercriminals create a seemingly official email that persuades users to provide confidential information such as personal data, bank accounts, credit card details, etc. On the other hand, malware propagation is worse than phishing. Under this scenario, hackers send an email with an executable file to install a malware. When your website is full of download prompts suspected as malware, your clients will be skeptical to visit your site. If your clients accidentally visit your site, there is a huge possibility that their devices will be infected by malware as well.

    Do not allow cybercriminals to destroy your reputation by compromising your website. Keep your privacy through SEO Tool Ranker’s Email Privacy Checker.

    About the Email Privacy tool!

    Here is Email Privacy an advanced tool developed by SEOToolRanker. This privacy checker checks for email on the web page and protects website owners from email privacy worries and also provides a complete email security. Email Privacy tool checks for all the incoming and outgoing emails on your website and also checks for bugs in your mail folder. 

    To utilize this tool, just type in the URL of your site and press Enter. If there's no any issue found, this Email Privacy tool will display the status as good with a 'tick' mark.

    It is believed that an email id should not be present on any site because spammers or hackers can use your email id for some illegal purposes.