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    About Domain into IP

    Domain IP Lookup – Learn How You Can Turn Your Domain into IP

    If you type these numbers into your browser, it will take you to Facebook’s login page.

    Most of you would probably raise an eyebrow in disbelief. These numbers equate to Facebook’s IP address and are easily obtainable from the web.

    A lot of SEO tool sites provide a Domain into IP tool allowing you to do a Domain IP Lookup of your favorite website.

    What is an IP address?

    An IP address or Internet Protocol address is an identification number assigned to a network server.

    The IP address assigned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a unique ID of your network server.

    In the past, you used to send messages to the Post Office. On the envelope, you write the address of the receiver to ensure delivery of your letter.

    An IP address works like a post office. When you send an email to someone, the message is transmitted using the internet connection attached to your hardware or your PC.

    Your internet connection is assigned an IP address which will identify the location of your hardware. Your IP address will search for the IP address of your recipient’s email host server to transmit your message.

    What are the different types of IP address?

    The two most commonly used types of IP address are:

    · Private IP Address

    A private IP address is a type that is normally used at home or in a work environment.

    A private IP address is assigned by your IT Manager or by your router. A private IP address is used to communicate with your other devices within your network.

    A good example would be a company running a retail store. The company uses VPN and assigns an IP address from your retail shop to communicate with the main server in your office and with the various departments of the company.

    · Public IP Address

    A public IP address is the IP address that identifies your domain and assigned by your ISP.

    The public IP address is used to communicate outside of your private network such as your customers, suppliers, etc. It is also used to access different websites on the internet.

    Unfortunately, the public IP address is also accessible to everyone. With the advent of Domain into IP tools, anyone can do a Domain IP Lookup to get your IP address.

    Protecting your IP address

    Like everything on the internet, an IP address is also prone to attacks.

    Your IP address is easily accessible by using Domain into IP tools that are available free on the internet.

    A hacker can simply paste your URL into the tool and submit it for a Domain IP Lookup. Within a few seconds, your IP address and location will be visible.

    A hacker can use your IP address to track you and communicate on your behalf without your knowledge.

    Protecting your IP address is as important as protecting your system. Here are some suggested tips on how you can hide your IP address:

    • Set up a VPN or a Virtual Private Network to add an extra layer of protection by hiding your IP and redirecting your internet traffic.

    • Change the password  of your router regularly.

    • Update your firewalls and set it up to reject any ping request. A ping request means someone is trying to get your IP address.

    • Set up your instant messaging application to private to make it hard for strangers to locate you.

    • Update your anti virus and add security measures against malware.

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