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    About Domain Authority Checker

    Find Out Your Domain Authority Easily and Absolutely For Free With Bulk DA Checker

    As a digital marketer, incorporating different SEO techniques are crucial in order to strengthen and maximize the presence of your website in the digital world.

    For these reasons, a bulk domain authority checker may help you.

    What is Domain Authority?

    While the algorithm that is being employed by different search engines in ranking websites and pages is not explicitly revealed, there are alternative ways that you can predict the ranking performance of your sites and pages.

    One of the ways you can determine such is by checking the authority of your domain. This refers to the overall authority level of your website rather than those of individual pages in the site.

    The Domain Authority (DA) was developed by Moz (https://moz.com/) which uses a ranking algorithm that is similar to that of Google’s. It is scored between 0 and 100, which reflects the total score based on different metrics, including the following:

    • MozRank: This ranks a particular page based also on the MozRank of the referring pages to that page.

    • MozTrust: This considers the trustworthiness of the other pages, which mention or contain links to other sites.

    • Total number of backlinks

    The higher your DA score is, the higher the possibility that your site will appear in the top results of search engines for a particular keyword search.

    Why is Domain Authority Important for SEO?

    As mentioned, knowing your DA can give you a rough estimate on how well your website is dominating the search results for a particular keyword compared to other competing websites.

    Therefore, it can also reflect the strength of your current SEO techniques. If your DA score is low, then perhaps you still have to invest in more efforts for SEO.

    Bulk Domain Authority Checker

    To help you obtain your DA score, SEO Tool Ranker has the bulk DA checker where you only enter the domain link or links and obtain immediate results after hitting the ‘Submit’ button.

    You can enter a maximum of 20 links for DA comparison. This way, you can compare the search ranking performance of other websites compared to yours.

    For starters, you may search for a particular keyword in which you’re trying to rank for in your chosen search engine. From the results, you may copy the URLs of the websites appearing at the top of the list.

    You can then enter these links to our bulk DA checker so you can also compare them with your own. And from there, you can identify if you need to tweak your current SEO techniques.

    Indeed, SEO Tool Ranker’s Bulk Domain Authority Checker is a helpful SEO tool for webmasters and site owners. And best of all, it’s free!

    Bulk Domain Authority Checker | Bulk DA Checker

    Here is SeoToolRanker Bulk Domain Authority Checker which calculates the domain authority by combining all other metrics such as MozTrust, MozRank, and the number of total links, etc. You just have to type the URL of a website and click the 'Submit' Button. This tool will generate the domain authority report within a few seconds.

    By using Bulk Domain Authority Checker, you can check the domain authority of up to 20 sites at a time. You can also use this tool to check how much high the metric of a domain is. The tool is easy to use as it requires no signup and captcha code entry.