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    About Domain Age Checker

    Checking the digits – why website owners use Domain Age Checker | Domain Age Calculator

    In 2014, World Wide Web pioneer Tim Berners-Lee tweeted that the number of websites in the web has surpassed the one billion mark.

    According to Netcraft, 75% of these websites are inactive but reserved domains.

    Reserved or parked domains are pages that you put on hold until you create your website. The majority of website authors believe that an older domain gets a higher chance of improving their SEO ranking.

    You can check how long a domain has been in existence by using an online domain age checker.

    Myths about domain age

    Here are some myths surrounding the use of old domains.

    Myth 1

    Spammers usually register and drop domains as fast as they change names. Using powers of deduction, new domains are potential spam sites.

    Myth 2

    Established sites use old domain names, ergo old domains mean established sites.

    Myth 3

    You can distinguish legitimacy of domains using the domain expiry date. You can check domain age using a domain age calculator.

    Myth 4

    It is risky to work with companies who have new domain names.

    Myth 5

    Google uses domain age as primary factor in their search algorithm to determine rank.

    Busting those Myths

    While there is a grain of truth that domain age is a factor in pushing your rank up, it is not the only factor that search engines use in optimizing search and determining ranks.

    • Myth 1. An established company with an old domain name may opt to buy a new domain for a different purpose. A global company with headquarters in various countries may opt to use a different domain from its parent domain. Some companies use their brand names as domain names other than their home domain. A new brand will need a new domain name.

    • Myth 2. Anyone can purchase old domains and yet not mean that they are an established site or their company is reputable. Age is just a number.

    • Myth 3. The expiry date of a domain is not an indicator that the company is not legitimate. Web owners usually register and park domains to reserve the domain names.

    • Myth 4. You do not determine your business relationship with a company by the age of their domains. You established a business relationship based on the good and solid reputation of the company combined with mutual trust.

    • Myth 5. Google engineer Matt Cutts dispels this myth. He admits that old domains have a slight edge when it comes to trustworthiness, but it plays little in the Google algorithm. Google determines the age from the time they indexed the site and not the date of its registration. Google considers the following factors to be more important: the quantity, uniqueness, and quality of the site content; and the external back-links of your site content.

    Anything old usually lends credibility and trustworthiness. However, this is not the only factor to consider.

    In choosing domains, it is important to choose one that can create instant recall to web users.

    Sure, you can always go to SEO tool sites to check domain age via a domain Age checker or domain age calculator. However, the best business practice is still to conduct a background check on the website to verify its reputation and not rely on how long it has been up and running.

    Domain Age Checker | Domain Age Calculator

    Here is Domain Age Checker an excellent tool which tells about the age of a domain. Just enter the complete URL of a site and click 'Get Domain Age'. Our tool will find out the actual age of the domain with in a second
    A team of professionals at Seo Tools Ranker has created this tool for people who want to know the exact age of a domain. A unique feature which we have inserted to this tool is that it also provides detailed information about the creation, expiry, and updated date of a domain.

    The best thing of this tool is that it requires no signup or registration.