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    About Code to Text Ratio Checker

    Is the Code to Text Ratio Checker an Important Tool in Search Engine Optimization?

    The Basics of SEO

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your site more visible than others on search engine results. Its core functions are to drive traffic, improve ranking and increase visibility of your webpage in the search engine results. These are referring to search results which are free and not the paid search ads.

    SEO is necessary for search engines to find your site. Search engines are always improving their features to give their users optimum search results. Nowadays, search engines have the ability to crawl the web intensively, giving consumers better results. Aside from making your site more visible, SEO boosts the ranking of your site in the search results. Top ranking sites are the ones readily found on the first page of the results. This gives them the advantage since top ranking sites attract more customers and visitors than those on the lower ranks.

    Rise of SEO Tools

    To compete with the demands of the online world in a more efficient way, the use of SEO tools became popular. There are different types of essential SEO tools. One of them is the SEO Text Checker.

    As you would expect, keywords direct the flow of search engine results to your webpage. The popularity of your site greatly depends on the way you utilize these keywords. In the past years, SEO has been one of the most utilized strategies in digital marketing. SEO is proven to be an effective business strategy in getting more customers on your business in a modern way.

    SEO Code to Text Ratio Checker

    There are lots of SEO tools available online. Some of them are paid tools and some come for free. One of these tools is the Code to Text Ratio Checker by SEOToolRanker. This SEO tool analyzes Text to Html Ratio of a webpage. The higher code to text ratio a webpage has the better rank it will be on search engine results.

    The Code to Text Ratio Checker by SEOToolRanker is available online for free. Simply enter the link of the webpage that you want to analyze and the Text to Html Ratio results will be displayed to you after a few seconds. Our tool provides the exact Text to Html Ratio and the total size of HTML and content text.

    Code to Text Ratio Checker | Seo Text Checker and Text to Html Ratio

    Here is Code to Text Ratio Checker which is an outstanding tool developed by SEOToolRanker. This tool will show the percentage of actual text on a web page compared to the percentage of HTML code. Most of the search engines use this to calculate the relevancy of a web page. If you find a higher code to text ratio, then it means there are more chances of scoring better search positions.

    To use this tool just enter the URL of the website and let our tool display the complete results in matter of a second only. The results provided by our tool shows the exact code to text ratio, the total HTML size and content text size.