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    About Class C Ip Checker

    Why You Should Use a Class C IP Checker for Your Website: Improving Rank and Avoiding Penalties

    Your website’s IP address could be negatively affecting its Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Ranking and you’re completely unaware of it. This could happen due to either your website sharing an IP address with unreliable and flagged websites or you’re backlinking to your own websites and these share similar IP addresses. In both cases, search engine algorithms see this as a sign that your website does not present a reliable source of information. Because of this, having a unique and dedicated IP address for each domain is a crucial element to a website’s SEO strategy. And, the best way to do this is through Class C IP addresses.

    What are Class C IP Addresses?

    Class C IP addresses or Class C hosts are simply IP addresses that contain four unique blocks of numbers (like so, 123.456.789.1). These are suitable for small to medium sized networks which makes it a good fit for anyone looking to have their website a dedicated IP address.

    Advantages of Class C Hosts

    To understand the advantages of a unique IP address, one must simply look at how a search engine measure a website’s credibility, which it factors in ranking search results. A search engine would normally look for links (known as backlinks) going to a website, which is being ranked for search engine results. This is one of the easiest ways to improve a search ranking and one strategy for this is by owning multiple website that link to the website you’re promoting. But, if these websites have the same IP address, search engines would see this as an abuse of its algorithm and would see your website as not trustworthy for resorting to such tactics. This results to a negative ranking for search results related to your website or page. But, this won’t happen if each of these websites have a unique IP address.

    If you only own one website, you’re still at risk of being negatively ranked. This happens when you share IP addresses with websites that do not have a good reputation (or link profile) with search engines. This similarity with these websites is seen by search engines as your website being the same quality and should be given the same treatment regarding search engine result rankings.

    What You Can Do

    The simplest thing you can do immediately is to have your IP checked with a Class C IP checker. With this tool, you can see if your IP address hosts multiple domains. This is free and all you would have to do is type in the website URLs you want to check.


    Class C Ip Checker | Class c Hosts

    Here is Class C IP Checker Tool by SEOToolRanker. With the help of this tool, you can perform a quick check to determine whether or not the same Class C IP is hosting multiple domains. To start your free test, just enter the complete website URLs and let our tool check if the selected websites are using the same Class C Range.

    If other websites are using the same IP address, then it can badly impact your rankings. If a website using the same IP address is blacklisted or considered 'spam' by search engines, then it can hurt your website's rankings as well.

    This tool can identify domains with duplicate IP addresses and helping online business running smoothly.

    The best thing about Class C IP checker tool is that it's fast, accurate, and one can perform a check of up to 40 domains at a time.