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    About Broken Links Finder

    Why You Need a Reliable Broken Links Finder: Prevention is better than Fixing

    You probably have encountered HTTP 404 multiple times. HTTP 404 or 404 error page is the technical term for broken links. Broken links happen for a variety of reasons.

    • The target page is unavailable, is deleted or does not exist

    • The URL is incorrect or misspelled

    • The permalink was changed

    • Maintenance problem may also be a cause.

    These can happen to your internal and external links. Whatever causes broken links; these links are bad for your website. You need tools such as a broken links finder or a website link checker to address these issues.

    If you are managing a small site and a few pages, finding broken links is easy. However, if you have hundreds to thousands of pages that contain external and internal links, broken links are hard to find.

    You have to click on your links, one by one to know if the links are broken. Checking your links can take up a lot of your time. Even if you have a web developer who does it for you, your developer will still need a tool to hasten the process.

    Testing of links will take hours (even days) to complete. Get things done in a matter of minutes with a broken links finder. Why would you get one? Acquiring a tool might entail a fee but some are free. This tool will definitely help you in the long-term.

    One, you will need this tool to check your links on a regular basis. As your site grows, your pages grow. As your pages increase, your links build up.

    Second, you can prevent the damage of broken links to your site. Broken links create a stigma to your site. Readers, potential buyers, and onlookers might view your site as not properly maintained because of these broken links.

    Get a reliable broken links finder now (such as SEO Tool Ranker’s) and you will reap the benefits in the future. Start now when your site has a few pages to maintain. Don’t wait for your links to build up before using a link checker to fix issues.

    Preventing broken links is better than fixing them. You might undo the damage but it will take months or years to do so. Your readers might have found another website that offers the same services as yours. You wouldn’t want that to happen.

    Broken Links Finder | Website Link Checker

    Here is SeoToolRanker Broken Links Finder Tool. Sometime when you click on a link, and it shows a 404 error page, this is called a broken link. These links are very irritating for the users of your website, and it can leave negative effects on your reputation. Following are some reasons of this error

    1. The target web page permalink was changed

    2. The target web page is unavailable

    3. The destination web page has been deleted

    Our team of experts has created Broken Links Finder, which will make your life much easier than before. It will quickly check for broken links on your site and saves your precious time and giving you more time to engage in other SEO activities.