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    About Blacklist Lookup

    Why Getting a Blacklist Lookup is Important to Any Website and Other Blacklisting Info You Should Know

    So you’ve built up your own website and it is thriving with so many organic views and visitors. It has become one of the most sought after sites until one day, your traffic goes from thousands of visits per day to less than 20 people. What just happened? You ask. A possible answer is that your site could have gotten blacklisted somehow. This possibility is what makes it important for you to a blacklist lookup tool.

    A blacklist lookup or a domain blacklist check is used to help determine whether your site is blacklisted by many different search engines. This happens when you post content that is not deemed appropriate or when someone has reported your site as a spam or scam site. When your viewership suddenly drops for no reason as in the case above and when the effect is immediate, it might be a good idea to check if your site has been blacklisted.

    To be blacklisted means your site may have been removed from the index of most search engines. Getting your site indexed ensures that your site appears in the search engine results when online users do a search on your keywords. It means that the different online bots have ‘crawled’ through your entire website to find information relevant the search. When they find your content relevant to the search, your site will be displayed in the search results pages. If your site is blacklisted, your site, no matter how relevant your content is, will not be included in the search results. When this happens, you lose visitors and potential sales.

    Tracking the number of people visiting your site is easy. What’s tough is finding out if you have been blacklisted anywhere. You will have to go through different sites just to determine this. If you find your site having a little less traffic than usual, you might want to use a blacklist lookup tool. You do not have to figure out on your own which search engines blacklisted your site. The tool will find out for you if your IP address has been blacklisted. In such a case, you will be alerted right away.

    When you have information on which sites blacklisted you, you can already take steps to change your content or change your SEO strategy. Your goal is to get back to the search engines’ good graces after a domain blacklist check so you can get back to the top of the search engine results pages.

    Blacklist Lookup | Domain Blacklist Check

    If spam hits a site, then search engines also blacklist your website's IP address for security purposes. Some time it happens than a website owner is not aware that search engines ban his/her website's e IP. If your website is getting deindexed from search engines or if you see a decrease in your organic traffic, then you can use SEO Tool Ranker's free Blacklist IP Lookup tool to check whether your site is blacklisted or not. To use this tool enter the complete site URL, our tool will find the entered site in all the blacklisted Ip address files and databases. If it finds your website in the list of blacklisted IP addresses, you will be notified straightaway.