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    About Backlink Maker

    Backlink Maker – The Advantage of Using Free Backlinks Generator and Backlinks Creator

    You know that a backlink tool can significantly improve your SEO ranking, but when you do find and use one, you must know that with it, you can run afoul with Google.

    If the monster browser found something fishy is happening in your site, be ready to disavow the links that your backlinks tool has already created. Otherwise, your site will be flagged for web spam and banned from the index of the influential Google listing.

    Your Safest Option

    So, you need to play it safe. We’ve got a recommendation for you to avoid all that from happening to your business. Get the Backlink Maker from SEO Tool Ranker. We’re not saying that it is designed to outsmart Google – so that you can spam on end without getting caught. What we’re saying is this tool is clean and effective.

    About the Backlink Maker

    This SEO tool is a backlink finder, which means that once it is incorporated on a website, it will give the owner detailed reports on the links pointing to his site.

    You can find similar tools offered by other SEO service companies, but mind you, this Tool Ranker’s version is simply bowing the competition away. It works fast and easy to use. Above all, it is FREE. You only need time and trust to make it run in your site. Once running, it will enable you to easily identify where your traffic is coming from.

    About Backlinks

    What is a backlink? A backlink is a hyperlink from another site that, when clicked, will direct the user to a specific page on the site subjected to the hyperlink. You need many backlinks to generate traffic, visits, and sales.

    Free Backlinks Generator and Backlinks Creator – How to Use

    Have a great content in your site, that’s the most important consideration, then create backlinks.

    It’s simple. Enter the URL of the site you are trying to probe. Click submit.  The tool will run several tests on the site. Then it will give you the data you need to know.

    So far, most of the feedbacks are encouraging. There are a small number of complaints coming in, but mostly these are from those who need instructions on how to properly use the device, just minor issues!

    You want a safe tool that can also give you accurate and reliable backlink reports fast? Do it the Backlink Maker way!


    Using a Free Backlink Checker to Find Your Website’s Backlinks

    The backlink finder is one of the many free SEO tools developed by SEO Tool Ranker. Within a matter of seconds, this tool can give a detailed report of all the backlinks pointing to any specified website.

    Although there are several similar tools online, SEO Tool Ranker provides a fast, easy to use, and reliable version. Unlike other tool providers like Fiverr, which require money for their backlink checker, this is of premium quality but still free, which means anyone can use it on their blog or website to find out where the site traffic is coming from.

    What exactly is a backlink and why is it important?

    A backlink is an incoming hyperlink from a webpage which directs to another website. For example, the more backlinks there are pointing to a person’s blog, the more popular and the more traffic there will be on the blog.

    People also think that more inbound links can help one’s page rank higher on Google search results, but this is not entirely true. Many internet marketers and website owners have been buying links for cheap prices just to gain more traffic. To address the cheating of the system, Google and other search engines prefer to rank by quality rather than quantity and even penalize sites that purchase backlinks.

    Finding your website’s backlinks can help you determine where your site’s visitors are coming from and whether you need to step up your site’s visibility using quality inbound links.

    How to use the backlink checker

    This 100% free backlink checker works quite simply. One just has to enter the URL of the target website and click submit. Then, the tool will run a series of tests to find out the number of backlinks pointing to the webpage of the entered URL.

    Unlike other SEO tools online which give inaccurate numbers, this tool uses a fast and efficient testing process to track and provide an accurate list of backlinks. Even if one enters a domain such as Facebook, which could have millions of backlinks, this backlink finder can crawl all the sites linking back to the specific page with ease.

    Although it’s not as detailed as other backlink checkers that can be used for annual audit links, it does its job quite well for those who just want to know the basic facts.

    Best High Quality Backlink Maker tool!

    Backlink Maker | Free Backlinks Generator and Backlinks Creator

    Now a day’s Internet is a kind of open marked where everyone is trying to make its place there are billions of websites and all of them are competing with each other in one or other way. Every site wants to have a traffic which can improve their business and if you want to submit your website in high PR sites than seotoolRanker.com provides you a great tool called Backlink Maker Tool which will go play a significant role in improving the search position of your site. There are many other sides which are providing this backlink-maker tool but seotoolRanker.com provides you with a high authority and non-spammy backlinks to your site.