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    About Google Cache Checker

    About the Google Cache Checker tool!

    Publishing fresh and unique content is one of the best ways to achieve high rankings in Google. But how can we know if Google had crawled our site or how can we check if Google really knows that our website also exists? These kinds of questions come in every one's mind and the answer to these issues is in the Google Cache Checker Tool by SEO Tool Ranker. To use this tool enter the complete website URL in the text box; you can check up to twenty links at a time. In just a second, our tool wills gives you with the exact time and date Google produced your website's most recent cached version.

    Article40 http://seotoolRanker.com/broken-links-finder

    Here is SeoToolRanker Broken Links Finder Tool. Sometime when you click on a link, and it shows a 404 error page, this is called a broken link. These links are very irritating for the users of your website, and it can leave negative effects on your reputation. Following are some reasons of this error

    1. The target web page permalink was changed

    2. The target web page is unavailable

    3. The destination web page has been deleted

    Our team of experts has created Broken Links Finder, which will make your life much easier than before. It will quickly check for broken links on your site and saves your precious time and giving you more time to engage in other SEO activities.