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    About AVG Antivirus Checker

    AVG Antivirus Checker | Scan Website For Malware and Free Online Virus Scan

    If you have a huge traffic on your website than there are many chances of your website getting affected by some viruses. These viruses can either enter your website through your PC or by a hacker! These viruses can cause harm to your website, and they may lead to a poor website health. 

    A team of experts at SEO Tool Ranker has created a free website malware scanner known as "AVG Antivirus Checker" which scans your website for different viruses and notifies the website owner if it founds any virus on your site. To utilize this tool first of all enter the complete URL of the website in the text box. You can even add up to 20 URLs at a time and then click the 'Submit' button and let our tool crawl the website. Unlike other tools, this will only take few seconds to generate virus report of all the 'entered' websites. This is an amazing tool necessary for most webmasters